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The website of Al-Rowad Group for Logistics and Support Services

Website design for Al Rowad Support Services Company

The design of the website of Khattab Support Services Company has been completed, and it is one of the most important Saudi companies in the field of support and logistic services. It aspires to develop the field of support services such as hotel operations and through companies for the institution during the current decade. That is why Al-Rowad Services Company contracted with Khattab Company to design the website The official website of the institution. In order to achieve the company's aspirations to increase awareness of the company's brand and professional presence on the Internet. In addition to gaining the confidence of investors in the logistic, industrial and commercial sectors.

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Studying the company's services and customer segment in order to design a distinguished introductory website that can meet the aspirations of any company in Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the world. You must first understand the basic strength of the company and its position in the market. In addition to the nature of the services provided by the company or the projects it is working on. And also identifying, analyzing and understanding the segment of customers who represent the fuel that drives the organization's business towards success.

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